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I was digging hard to find you some juicy nude pictures of Amy Schumer! She is a famous comedian on “Last Comic Standing” NBC show. And she also appears in some movies. But what I was looking for where her leaked nudes and I only found them on Scandal Planet, so be sure to check them out!

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The first two scenes are from a movie called “Snatched”. The first scene is a sexy, and not a naked scene, but it’s amazing! Amy Schumer reveals a cleavage in a bikini as she sits by the poolside at the beach, chatting to Goldie Hawn, who sits on the chair next to her. Amy turns on her stomach for a little while before she sits back and sips a soda before she eventually picks up a bag and leaves.

Here’s the second scene! Amy Schumer is standing in the hotel lobby while a man points out that her right breast is out of her dress, and Amy looks down to check it out. Once she knows that he’s right, she’s going to get it back up.

“I Feel Pretty”

The last scene is from a movie called “I Feel Pretty”. Amy Schumer appears nude behind a man when we first get an out-of-focus glimpse of her body. Instead we see her shoulders and bare back as she speaks to the man, flashing a little bit of her left nipple as she turns away from him. Then we get another blurred nude image, this time from the back of her face before she goes to bed with the man. She drives him while looking at her reflection in the mirror. And then, once again, we see her nude in the dark as she gets out of bed and poses in front of the mirror.

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