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Charlize Theron Nude Pictures and Sex Tape

Take a look at all of the Charlize Theron nude and hot photos! Look at this, people! You may find Charlize Theron naked photos down below! But it’s not just the naked photographs below that should get you thrilled! Because, ladies and gents, you’ll also find all of her naked and sex scenes in here! So, don’t keep me waiting any longer! Simply keep scrolling down and enjoy the information I’ve prepared for you!

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Charlize Theron Nude and Sexy Pictures Collection

And now folks, as we have all seen the sex tape above, I now have to show you some photos! Here is a collection of Charlize Theron nude and sexy pictures! So, here are all of the Charlize Theron naked photographs I’ve gathered for you to enjoy! I must admit that these photographs are somewhat old. It’s from the 1990s or the early 2000s! But that doesn’t make them any less impressive! It’s even better because we don’t have to look at her granny’s body and can see her naked form from when she was much younger! So, if you want to view Charlize Theron naked tits, ass, and pussy, keep scrolling!

Charlize Theron Nude and Sex Scenes Collection

“Reindeer Games”

Charlize Theron stands on the pool’s steps. She removes her black bikini top, exposing her breasts. Then she had a brief affair with a man who lived next to the pool.


Charlize Theron has stripped naked. In a motel room, she’s enjoying steamy sex with a guy. He’s suckling on her breasts. She then rolls naked onto the floor with him. Following that, we see a gorgeous shot of her in her underpants leaning down and shaking her ass.

“Head in the Clouds”

Charlize Theron is lying on her back, naked. She’s having sex with a man who’s on top of her. Her right breast is visible from the side.


Charlize Theron is naked in a bath with a man. She is dressed simply in a hat and a tie around her neck. She gets to her feet and climbs into his lap. She’s flaunting her breasts brilliantly. She leans in for a kiss before rising to her feet. Finally, the guy grabs her tie and pulls her in for more kissing.

“The Devil’s Advocate”

In a chapel, Charlize Theron stands up and pulls a cover open, displaying her nude body beneath. She gives us a full-frontal view of her breasts and bush before a guy wraps her back up.


Charlize Theron bares her breasts and buttocks from the side. She had sex with a male on the floor of an apartment.


Charlize Theron awakens on a couch, dressed in a little slip that shows her pokey nipples. Then she walks slowly down an apartment hallway, carrying a knife. She then walks into a room and discovers a baby on the floor.


“The Burning Plain”

Charlize Theron is naked on a bed’s edge. She displays her bare buttocks and breasts from the side as she approaches near an open window. We keep getting an excellent peek at her rear as she stands at the window and looks out. We can even see her breasts from a distance from the sidewalk below.


Charlize Theron, dressed in a damp blue gown, first reveals some fairly pokey nipples in a kitchen. After that, we see her undress in a dimly lit restroom. Before donning a blue robe and appearing, she’s showing off her breasts in silhouette. Her robe is open, exposing her naked breasts and pantyhose. Her nipples are hard. She approaches a man and begins conversing with him. He exits the room, leaving her standing.


“Atomic Blonde”

Charlize Theron dives naked into an icy-cold bathtub. She exposes her breasts and buttocks from the side. She is then seen from underneath as she rolls onto her stomach. More of her topless body is visible.


Charlize Theron and a young woman sleeping in bed. Charlize squeezes the girl’s breasts through her sweater before slipping her fingers between her legs. Charlize then lifts one of the females’ bras to reveal her breast, which she sucks on. The nakedness of the females is then shown. After their lesbian tryst, we see a bit more of the girl topless as she sits in bed next to Charlize before sleeping on her stomach.


As she sits up in an ice-cold bathtub, Charlize Theron rises from the water. She exposes her breasts briefly. We then see her from behind as she sits on the edge of the tub. Her buttocks and right breast can be seen. She then looks in a mirror at another blurry reflection of her topless figure. Then we see a full-length image of her naked body as she stands behind a toilet counter.


“The Cider House Rules”

Charlize Theron showing off her stunning ass. She’s resting on her stomach on a bed. When she turns over, we catch a glimpse of a nipple.

“Young Adult”

Charlize Theron is undressed to her underwear. She’s showing off a clingy rubber bra that clings to her breasts. She is standing in front of a man. After some time, the man approaches her. He wraps his arms around her. After that she reclines on bed with him. She starts undressing him.

“2 Days in the Valley”

Charlize Theron walks into the room wearing a see-through white lace bodysuit. She sits in a chair, her feet on the bed, her legs spread wide. The man approaches her and kisses her on the lips. He reappears and drags Charlize back into bed, pulling her underwear open. He exposes her breasts before leaning over and sliding an ice cube over her nipple with his mouth. Charlize then drags him onto his back and straddles him topless. She leans in to kiss him while riding him. The guy reaches up to squeeze her breasts in this heated sex scene.