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Linda Cardellini Naked and Sex Scenes Collection

“Mad Men”

Linda Cardellini is currently at her hotel room. She’s taking off her red gown, revealing a strapless black bra with cleavage, black panties, a garter, and stockings. Then she turns around, takes off her bra, and exposes the side of her left breast. A man sits on her bed and advises her during this time.

“Grandma’s Boy”

Linda Cardellini sings a sexy karaoke rendition of ‘Push It’ at a party. She ends the song by attempting to lick her own breast.

“Dead To Me”

In the opening scene, Linda Cardellini had sex with a man. She rides him and sits on his lap. We see her sleeping in bed in another scenario. With both hands, she presses and squeezes her breasts.


Linda Cardellini is at the front entrance. It’s dark outside. They are conversing. They then begin kissing. Linda follows another girl into the house at one point.


Linda Cardellini walks into the restroom with another girl. They then begin kissing next to the door. Linda pulls away from the girl at one point.


Linda Cardellini is having an affair with another woman. They converse and kiss. Linda is naked, except for a shawl covering her chest. Linda sits up on the bed when the other girl gets out of bed.


Linda Cardellini is standing near the sink in the bathroom. She is simply wearing a bra and shorts. She cleanses herself and uses tissues to wipe down her entire body.


Linda Cardellini is sitting close to another female who is conversing. On multiple times, they begin kissing. Linda is dressed in a bright home dress.


Linda Cardellini is in bed with another woman. They kiss and cuddle each other. As we observe Linda still laying in bed, the other female gets up and they continue to converse.



Linda Cardellini squabbles with a man on a bed. He removes her blouse, revealing her white bra. Then she fights him off as her breasts twitch in her bra.


Linda Cardellini is imprisoned in a cage, her arms crossed over her breasts, her mouth sewed shut, and everything covered by a patch. A man tries to liberate her. Then he gets into a fight with another guy before trying to save her again.



Linda Cardellini performs in pantyhose and a bra. Other dancing girls surround her. A girl walks in and begins talking to Linda. Linda becomes enraged and begins yelling, and all of the other girls flee.


Linda Cardellini appears in various scenes and ensembles. She is dressed in a red leather suit and a red T-shirt with a wide neckline. We see her dancing on a table with panties and a bra towards the conclusion.



Linda Cardellini having sex in a car with a man. We can see her cleavage because she is wearing a blue bra. She answers the phone at one point. They stop having sex, sit down, and begin to chuckle.