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Angela Sarafyan Nude Pics

Angela Sarafyan is an actress who is half-Armenian and half-American. She has appeared in many television shows as a guest star and has featured in feature films such as Kabluey (2007), On the Doll (2007), A Beautiful Life (2008), and The Informers (2008). She has been playing Clementine Pennyfeather on HBO’s Westworld since 2016.

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“A Beautiful Life”

In the first scene, Angela Sarafyan is having sex with a guy while lying on her back with him on top of her, disinterested and bored as she looks around, and she makes him kiss her a little.

Angela Sarafyan, dressed in a black bra and blue jeans, sits on top of a man on a bed, making out with him before he forces her off of him, after which she lies on her back for a while before standing up and walking around, enraged.


Sarafyan is sitting nude on a stool, her right breast exposed, her other hand to her face. Shannon Woodward runs her hand through Angela’s hair before leaning over to give her a lesbian kiss.

The next scene is from the same movie and here we see Angela Sarafyan gives us a small glimpse of the top of her bush as the camera passes past some medical equipment as she sits up in a chair in a laboratory before being shown from the other side, giving us a clear view of her breasts, all while some doctors examine her.

“A Good Old Fashioned Orgy”

Sarafyan stands in a circle of guys and ladies, unhooking her silver bikini top and pulling it open to reveal her breasts. The man next to her then reaches out with his arm to try to cover her breasts.

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