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Carmen Electra Nude and Sex Scenes

‘My Boss’s Daughter’

Carmen Electra emerges slowly from a shower, wearing a tight white top that is completely see-through and clings to her large breasts, revealing her nipples.

‘Mardi Gras: Spring Break’

Carmen Electra is seen in the bathroom with Genevieve Guzchack (AKA model Genevieve Michelle) as they wash their bodies. Carmen then turns and strokes Genevieve’s enormous breasts until they’re hidden behind a partly see-through shower curtain as a man leaves and then returns to take Carmen’s trousers.

‘Mating Habits Of The Earthbound Human’

Carmen Electra bares her breasts in a sexy sex scene. She removes her bra and engages in steamy sex with a friend. We have a good look at her perky tits and bare breasts. In a nude sex scene from the film Mating Habits Of The Earthbound Human, see Carmen Electra’s bare tits and nipples.

Carmen Electra exposes her breasts while removing her bra and jumping on top of a guy, and then we see her topless while they have sex.

‘Crazy Horse Paris Las Vegas Revue’

Carmen Electra performs on stage as a guest for Mad Horse Paris at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, wearing black thong-like panties and a black bustier, before dancing topless with a group of other ladies and eventually exposing her breasts as the camera zooms in.

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Look, people! I’ve added a few more Carmen Electra sizzling images to my collection! In these two photos, the blonde is just stunning! She posed for two photos and looked stunning! We can see her standing in the pool with some enormous inflatable titties on her chest in the first one! In the other, she showed off her big cleavage while wearing a beautiful sensual floral robe!

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Check out all of these new Carmen Electra hot tits in transparent photos! The blonde looks stunning in the gown she wore last night! Some paparazzi captured her in Los Angeles, ash she arrived at the iHeartRadio Music Awards at Shrine Auditorium! She and her body both look fantastic, don’t they?

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Take a look at this, people! We’d already seen every part of Carmen Electra’s naked body, so I figured now was the time to peek a little lower! Here’s a gallery of all the finest Carmen Electra foot photographs! The blonde has beautiful feet, and I am confident that you will enjoy every single shot I have prepared for you!