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Chelsea Handler Nude Pics & Porn – Leaked

Check out comedian Chelsea Handler nude pics! This 45 year old got herself in a bit of an uncomfortable situation when her nudes got leaked! But that’s not all, because in addition to that we have also added in here Chelsea Handler’s porn video that was leaked alongside with the nude pics! Considering the amount of the nudes and also the kinkiness of them, it’s no wonder her porn is one of the mots wanted celebrity sex tapes on Scandal Planet!

Chelsea Handler Leaked Porn

Here is the porn I was talking to you about! You’ll see how big of a dick does Chelsea Handler like! She and her lover had just woken up! And I’m guessing Chelsea Handler just got out of a shower because she’s still in her robe, trying to decide what to wear! Her lover has gotten really horny, so he decided it was the right time to fill up her pussy! Luckily for us, as the two like to experiment sexually (as you’ll also see by the nude pictures later) they filmed their morning sex! Even though it was leaked recently, this was a couple of years back, before Chelsea’s breast implants, so you’ll be watching her all natural!

Chelsea Handler Nude Leaked Pics

Here is every single Chelsea Handler nude photo that was ever leaked! You will find every single one of them in here, and I just personally can’t decide which one is my favorite! Some are kinky as hell, some are just screenshots from the porn above. But my definite favorites are the random pics in which Chelsea just took her boob out! She is a comedian in real life as well!

Chelsea Handler Getting Peed On

So, here are some pictures and a video of Chelsea Handler swimming in the ocean. All of a sudden we see some guy standing over her on a boat and peeing on her face! That guy later turned out to be Jason Biggs!


Here’s what Chelsea Handler thought about the whole peeing on her face thing! She shared it on a show in an interview. The whole part about the “incident” is here! She is a strange woman, I must admit!

Chelsea Handler Nude Scenes

Okay folks, so here are all of the Chelsea Handler nude scenes! Well, they’re more Chelsea Handler topless scenes!


The first couple of scenes are form the “Chelsea” TV show!  Chelsea Handler’s underwear as she lies on her stomach while at a Russian spa with another woman. Then she turns on her back and we see Chelsea topless, revealing both breasts as she sits down, and then goes for a swim in a big tub and stands under a bucket of water.

And here comes the next scene! Chelsea Handler carrying a baby and then handing it over to reveal her left breast as she pulled her bra down in a fake political commercial.

The last scene from this show is here! Chelsea Handler first takes off her shirt to expose cleavage in a black bra, then lowers it to go topless as she prepares to put on a kimono with the aid of another woman.

“Chelsea Does”

The next scene is from “Chelsea Does”. Chelsea Handler looked topless as she walked a quick walk down the sidewalk outside the office building, wearing no bra.

“Chelsea Lately”

Last scene is here! And it’s from “Chelsea Lately”! Chelsea Handler was totally nude with some blurring over her breasts and between her thighs when she stepped into the locker room with a shower. Conan O’Brien would show up and start her, causing Chelsea to grab her breasts with her hands. Then she lowers her hands, and she and Conan stand naked, and start fighting and fighting, giving each other black eyes.

Chelsea Handler Topless in Pool

Check out these brand-new topless images of Chelsea Handler! The sultry blonde flaunted her tits while posing topless in her backyard pool! Her dogs can also be seen in the photos! She has a unique way of flaunting her physique! And, to be honest, given her age, I’m not convinced she should be doing so any longer.

Chelsea Handler Sexy while Playing Tennis

Here are some pictures of the hideous Chelsea Handler! Possibly because she isn’t wearing makeup in any of these. agitated comedian On November 21, 2015, Chelsea Handler competed in the 26th edition of the Chris Evert/Raymond James Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic at the Delray Beach Tennis Center.

Chelsea Handler Hot New Bikini Pics

Guys! You have to view all of Chelsea Handler’s new steamy photographs! The sassy blonde enjoys flaunting her tits! It’s no surprise, then, that we came upon some of her topless images on her social media! It was really anticipated of her to share her almost-naked images. That is precisely why I enjoy following her!

Chelsea Handler Sexy Feet Photos Collection

You need to see all of these new Chelsea Handler feet pictures! Every single photo was chosen carefully for your eyes only, so there’s no chance that you are not going to love every single one! Keep scrolling down and enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!