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Christina Milian Nude Pics And Videos Collection

Here are all Christina Milian nude pics and videos! There aren’t a lot of nudes when it comes to this particular girl, but we managed to make a decent collection! Christina is almost 40 but she looks fine, just as she did back in 2004 when she released her song Dip It Low. I think she was trying to become a sex symbol or something, but she didn’t make it. Anyway, if you saw the music video for the song then you know how big of a slut she was, and actually still is!

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Christina Milian Nude Pics

So this dirty little slut absolutely loves to post nude and topless pics on her Snapchat very often. Here you’ll find a collection of these naughty pics all in one place. Since she’s currently very pregnant, she didn’t post them in a while, but I’m positive she’ll be back in no time! For now, we’ll just satisfy ourselves with these private nudes!

Christina Milian Nude and Sex Scenes

“Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”

Before going to a shoot with Christina Milian, a photographer enters his studio and snaps a few images of teenage girls wearing scant underwear. Christina holds an apple in her palm and smiles for the camera while donning a black bra and underpants.


Christina Milian is kissing and caressing a man on a couch in his workplace when his assistant walks in and breaks up their moment. When the guy returns to the couch, Christina removes her shirt to show her bra before squeezing him once again.



Christina Milian, an R&B singer, exits the bedroom wearing a low cut black tanktop that displays some great cleavage. She then stoops to put on jeans, revealing her black bottoms and the back of her top to us.


“Be Cool”

A male watches Christina Milian, who is wearing a white bikini top and short denim shorts, as she performs on stage.


“Bring It On Fight to the Finish”

Standing next to several other females, Christina Milian observes some people dancing. She then decides to join in the fun, dancing sexily until Nikki SooHoo and Holland Roden join her, baring her cleavage and her stomach while wearing an open jacket with a red sequined bra underneath.


Nikki SooHoo, Vanessa Born, and Gabrielle Dennis watch and offer comments as Christina Milian approaches a man standing by a car and strikes up a conversation with him for a time before noticing some trouble, going to help Holland Roden, and coaching Holland on how to handle herself. Christina is dressed in an open red jacket and a red sequined top that exposes her cleavage and tummy.


“Man of the House”

In a tight, purple sports bra with slightly accentuated nipples, Christina Milian is practicing cheerleading.


“Love Don’t Cost a Thing”

We get some pretty great glimpses at Christina Milian’s ass when she’s sprinting around a beach in a pair of pink bikini bottoms. Prior to calling him out in front of Nichole Mercedes Robinson, Melissa Schuman, Shani Pride, and others, she confronts Reagan Gomez-Preston and a man. An orange bikini top is being worn by Reagan Gomez-Preston. (white bikini top).


Christina Milian squatted on the ground next to a dog while revealing a small amount of her white skirt and some cleavage on her top.


A beautiful view of Christina Milian’s ass in a pair of skin-tight pink shorts is provided to us as she climbs up on a desk and starts removing pictures from a wall.


Christina Milian spreads her legs out slowly as she performs a cheerleading routine, her green cheerleader skirt flipping up a few times as she does so. This allows us to get a nice view of her yellow underwear hidden in between her legs.


A man approaches Christina Milian as she stands outside in a blue dress with a firm right nipple and continues to speak to her.


Slow-motion video depicts Christina Milian jumping over a wall and bouncing in the direction of a guy while donning a cheerleader costume in green and periodically flipping up her skirt to expose her ass in a pair of yellow underwear.


R&B star Christina Milian is pictured seated on a bed, talking to a man, and playing the guitar. She has fairly hard, black nipples below a white tank top that is just a little bit translucent.


“Step Up High Water”

Behind Christina Milian, a man is slowly stripping her off as she stands close to the pool table. He takes off her underwear and buttons her skirt before lowering her over the table so they can start having sex. But a body double, that is.


Christina Milian is on her stomach in bed, absolutely naked. A man is sleeping on his back next to her, placing his hand on her butt. A bodily double, that is.


A man is in bed with Christina Milian when she awakens. When she gets out of bed and heads to the closet to put on some clothes, we can see her from behind in nothing but her underwear. It is body double.


Christina Milian Bikini Pics

So, as you saw, this slut is not really much naked. If you ask me, I personally find her more attractive with clothes on. Well not really fully dressed, but not fully naked, so I think that bikini seems like a nice compromise. Down in this gallery here, you’ll see this whore actually being attractive and fuckable for once!

Christina Milian Big Ass pics

These bikini pics didn’t really show much of that thick ass this whore has. So this gallery down below is all about that! One of her best, if not even the best quality she has actually is her that big ass, and she obviously knows that  because she’s showing it as much as she can! But don’t worry, if you’re more of a fan for titties – there’s something here for you too! Enjoy these sexy pics of this slut that we put together in one gallery! If you want more pics like these, I suggest visiting ScandalPlanet for her naughty nun costume by clicking here!

Christina Milian Nip Slip Photos Collection

Check out collection of young ebony hoe Christina Milian nip slip pics. We found such great material of her tits and nipples flashing out of bikini and dresses! Christina didn’t care so much about paparazzi, so we actually can assume she’s doing this on purpose! It’s a bit odd her nipples are always out of bras! Christina is actually a really sweet girl, and doesn’t like to be sexualized, but she’s asking for it herself! Enjoy folks, this girl can’t stop!

Christina Milian sexy videos compilation

Next to the publicly well-know music video for her song Dip It Low, Christina Milian has a couple more sexy videos of her. And here they are, put together in one compilation video just for you!