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Just look at all of these Erika Eleniak nude pictures! You must view all of the Erika Eleniak naked photographs that we have prepared for you! The gorgeous blonde is now too old for me, but she was absolutely my cup of tea when she was in her twenties! So, because I’m the one writing this, you’ll only find her sexiest photographs in here! In addition to the images, you will be able to witness all of her naked and sex scenes in this section! I’m sure you’ll drool over everything in here, so let’s not spend any time! Continue scrolling and take in the scenery, guys!

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Erika Eleniak Nude and Topless Photos

Okay, so I’ve previously stated that I’m not interested in giving you images of her present appearance. So I gathered all of the photographs she made for Playboy! Here is a compilation of Erika Eleniak nude greatest photographs! She has a fantastic set of large natural tits that I believe everyone should see! The photographs below are uncommon and extremely difficult to find, but my colleagues and I scoured publications and blogs so you could view them! Continue scrolling to explore the photographs below!

Erika Eleniak Nude and Sex Scenes

“Chasers” (1994)

Erika Eleniak is lying on her back on a bed. Her bra is pulled down to reveal her breasts. A man joins her and removes the handcuffs that keep her shackled to the bed frame. He then kisses Erika. Erika is naked on her stomach as the guy slides her underwear off, exposing her bare buttocks. Erika is then seen on her back underneath the guy while they had sex.


Erika Eleniak is lying on her back on a bed. A man pulls her top to reveal her bra. Then he pulls her bra down to show her breasts. He then sucks on her nipples and tries to pull her shirt off completely over her head. He comes to a halt when her shackled wrist gets in the way.


Erika Eleniak is showing off her butt in thong underwear. She climbs out of a hole in the ground while standing on the shoulders of a man. We then view her from the top of the hole as she lifts herself out, revealing some beautiful cleavage in her white bra.

“The Opponent” (2000)

Erika Eleniak is having sex with a guy and massaging her amazing breasts on his chest. Then she flips underneath him while he licks her breasts.

“The Librarians” (2003)

Erika Eleniak is bathing in a tub full of bubbles. First, a man entered the tub with her. She was later seen naked on top of a male in bed. The side boob and patches covering her nipples indicate she’s riding him.

“Second To Die” (2002)

Erika Eleniak approaches the backyard swimming pool and sits, then lies down on the lounger and reads a book. She’s dressed in a blue one-piece swimsuit.

“Under Siege” (1992)

Erika Eleniak steps out of the ship’s chopper. She is dressed in a plunging neckline black shirt and tight black tights. The man takes her hand in his and walks her across the deck.


Erika Eleniak emerges from a fake cake wearing a black thong. She starts gyrating her hips, flaunting her ass, and then whips open her sexy Navy costume. She exposes her huge breasts while dancing with her eyes closed and breasts showing. Then he snaps her out of it, points a gun at her, and walks her into another room, displaying additional flashes of her cleavage and breast in the open coat as he picks her up and sits on her on a counter.

“Baywatch” (1989)

Erika Eleniak sits by the pool, wetting her hair. Then she walks to the pool’s edge and stops to jump in with a few other girls. She is dressed in a one-piece black swimsuit and swimming goggles.


Erika Eleniak walks out of the pool and into the yard, where she rests on a chair next to it. She is dressed in a black and red one-piece swimsuit with the shape of her body visible.


Erika Eleniak is standing in the office with a few other coworkers. She’s wearing a red bikini swimsuit, and the contour of her breasts and entire body is visible.


Erika Eleniak looks seductive in a red swimsuit in a montage of scenes. We can see her running and walking on the beach.