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Isla Fisher Nude Photos and Sex Tape 2024

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Isla Fisher Nude and Sexy Photos

After we’ve all viewed the sex tape above, I figured we could all move on to some images! Here’s a gallery of all the finest Isla Fisher naked and steamy pictures! Miss Isla Fisher looks stunning, and I’m sure you’ll adore her! I’ve been gathering these photographs for a long now, and I felt now was the right moment to display them to you! So, ladies and gentlemen, keep scrolling down and have fun!

Isla Fisher Naked and Sex Scene

“Life Of Crime”

Isla Fisher laying on her stomach next to a swimming pool. She flashes some cleavage when she looks up at a guy. Her bikini top is undone. We then see Isla, who is wearing a white bikini, being thrown into the sea before being given a life preserver by a man.


Isla Fisher sits on the couch, feeding the man on the floor next to her. They are conversing. Her back is covered by a delicate transparent tunic. It’s on the bed in the bedroom. While they have sex, she is naked and sits on top of him.


“Keeping Up with the Joneses”

Isla Fisher removes her robe to reveal some sexy lingerie beneath. She walks up to a couch and sits next to a guy, her bustier displaying a lot of cleavage. After that, he leans in for a kiss. He inadvertently knocks something to the ground. Isla displays more cleavage as she bends over to inspect the damaged item. She then begins rushing around the kitchen. They finally seek sanctuary in a closet.


Isla Fisher is seen walking down the stairs in a low-cut dress with her breasts pulled up to show off her cleavage. She kneels several times to retrieve toys from the stairway. Finally, she’s approaching a guy, her breasts slightly jiggling.

“Wedding Crashers”

Isla Fisher enters a man’s bed naked. She jolts him awake by tickling his naked breasts. She’s riding him, and we can see her bare bum as she sits on him from behind.

“Wedding Daze”

Isla Fisher is stunning in a black bra and pantyhose. She practices her seduction techniques on a man. He eventually exits the bathroom, and she starts talking to him.

“The Lookout”

Isla Fisher is resting on a bed with a man, who is talking to her. She is simply wearing a black bra. She gets out of bed, walks to the kitchen, and opens the refrigerator. Another man is talking to himself in the kitchen.

“The Beach Bum”

Isla Fisher is on the phone as she goes around the terrace. A man is sitting on the terrace’s fence. Isla is dressed in a blue bra and halter pantyhose. She is dressed in an unbuttoned silk dressing robe.

“Blithe Spirit”

Isla Fisher enters the room as she removes her dress. She goes out into the yard, clad in a corset, and dances in front of the fountain. She then enters the room with the male and they begin kissing. Another woman then enters, and Isla falls asleep on the bed.


In the dark, Isla Fisher kneels over an elderly woman who is laying on the ground. She is dressed with a high neckline and her breasts are crushed against the dress. When the light comes on, she assists the elderly woman in getting up.

“Dallas 362”

Isla Fisher is wearing a red sweater with no underwear. She takes a step away from the camera, exposing her butt cheeks. She later provides us a far side perspective.

“Wolf Like Me”

Isla Fisher is at a table in the kitchen with a man holding a knife. Isla sits across from him, and the two of them converse. We can see her cleavage because she is only wearing a blanket.


Isla Fisher exits the room and enters the kitchen, where a man with a knife stands. She is entirely naked, but we can only see her entire torso from behind. She is conversing with a man.


Isla Fisher runs through the hallway of the house and takes off her wardrobe. First, she takes off the dress she is wearing and remains in her bra and panties. In the end, she closes herself in a room.



Isla Fisher walks into an indoor pool room. She’s taking her dress off to reveal her cleavage in an animal print bustier beneath. She then jumps into the pool in her underwear while a guy watches. She is afterwards spotted kissing a man on a seat. She’s currently sitting by herself.