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Jennifer Love Hewitt is seen bending over in a man’s office, wearing a low-cut short grey dress to show off her legs and ass. She then walks up to his desk and leans in close, giving him a clear view of her cleavage.

Love Hewitt jogging up a stairwell, her cleavage bouncing a little in her revealing blue tank top. She then makes out with a guy who opens the door for her, removing her tank top and exposing her bra from the side.

“The Client List “

In a kitchen, Hewitt is making out with a guy as he picks her up and lays her back on a table, her top falling open to expose her bra and cleavage.

Jennifer Love Hewitt stands in a cleavage-baring dress, massaging and conversing with a guy. After that, we see Jennifer in various sexy dresses massaging various guys in a short montage.

In this scene, Jennifer Love Hewitt is seen in a low-cut black dress lighting candles and climbing on a man before massaging him in a romantic bed.

Love Hewitt is sleeping on her side in bed when a man wakes her up, climbs on top of her, and begins making out with her. They pause to speak, then resume kissing before she becomes enraged and drives him away.

While giving a man a massage, Jennifer Love Hewitt wears a sexy nurse’s outfit that shows nice cleavage as her unbuttoned shirt reveals a red bra underneath.

Hewitt dances around a stripper’s pole in a guy’s office in sexy lingerie that reveals plenty of cleavage before heading over to his chair and offering him a lap dance for a while.

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