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Kristanna Loken Nude – Porn, Nudes & Scenes

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Kristanna Loken Porn Video

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Kristanna Loken Nude Leaked Pics

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Kristanna Loken Nude & Sex Scenes

Here are all of the best Kristanna Loken nude and sex scenes!


The first scene is from a movie called “Bloodryne”. In this scene we see Kristanna Loken having sex with some man in front of the bars of a prison cell, her left breast in view as she bounces up and down and the guy licks her nipple.

“The L Word”

The next couple of scenes are lesbian scenes! And they’re all from the movie called “The L Word”. In the first scene Kristanna Loken and some girl are making out in the kitchen, Kristanna is leaning back on the countertop in a red bra as the girl pulls off her own shirt to go topless. Kristanna’s bra comes off so that we can see both girls’ breasts while they’re both kissing lesbian.

In the next scene we see Kristanna Loken and that same girl first make out while sitting in the front seat of the car while still dressed, then they’re seen naked as Kristanna sits in the girl’s lap as the girl sucks her nipples and the girls have lesbian sex.

In the next scene starts as Kristanna Loken is wrapped in a towel in the bathroom as that other girl brushes her teeth while she’s topless beside Kristanna. Then Kristanna walks into the bedroom in a white shirt as the girl, still topless, greets her. The girls then have lesbian sex, both naked, as the scene goes back and forth between sex and the kind of dream flashback that depicts the couple in the 1950’s.

“Body Of Deceit”

The next scene is from a movie called “Body Of Deceit”. In this scene we see Kristanna Loken lying fully nude in a bathtub while some girl sits beside the bathtub and rubs Kristanna ‘s body with a sponge, including running her hand a few times between Kristanna ‘s legs.

Kristanna Loken Naked & Sex Scenes Compilation

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