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Calvin Lee Vail (Age 24), better known online as LeafyIsHere or simply just Leafy, was an American YouTube commentator and comedian residing in Seattle, Washington. He made commentary and reaction videos and drama videos. Though his content was heavily criticized and soon led to his rise to fame on YouTube. He was known to popularize the gameplay commentary format, which soon led to the popularity of similar commentary YouTubers and is still used by many channels today. He had stopped uploading on YouTube in 2017, due to the changes of YouTube that brought down this channel and will be gone for the time being.

The main focuses of Calvin’s videos are his commentaries. But he often displays gameplay footage in the background of his videos. Including various different video games, though most commonly the surf game mode in Counter-Strike, as well as games such as A Story About My Uncle, Doom, and Overwatch. LeafyIsHere started off his YouTube channel posting Minecraft gameplay videos at the age of 16. He owned a ParaPVP Minecraft server to game upon.

Leafyishere porn video

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