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Linda Fiorentino Nude Photos and Sex Tape 2023

Look at these Linda Fiorentino nude pictures! View all of the sexiest naked and sizzling pictures of Linda Fiorentino! Actress looks fantastic! Despite being over 60, she still has a terrific physique! Screenshots and nude photos of “Gotcha!” and “After Hours” actress Linda Fiorentino are available to view. On March 9, 1958, or 1960, actress Linda Fiorentino was born in the United States. For her leading role in the coming-of-age drama “Vision Quest” in 1985, she initially rose to fame. She won a lot of praise for her portrayal in the action film “Gotcha!” the following year. She also had cameos in the movies “Jade” (1995) and “Queens Logic” (1991). Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the scrolling down!

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Linda Fiorentino Nude and Sexy Pictures

Here, my friends, are all of my favorite hot pictures of Linda Fiorentino nude! Even if she was sexier when she was younger, the actress still looks amazing! So, gentlemen, in this gallery, you’ll find both older and more recent pictures. Ladies and gentlemen, simply scroll down and enjoy the photographs; you’ll adore them all. You may find her nude and in sex scenes below!

Linda Fiorentino Naked and Sex Scenes


Linda Fiorentino is slowly leaning towards the camera, revealing her breasts. She reaches up and closes some drapes to cover herself.

“Beyond the Law”

Linda Fiorentino is having an affair with a man. He reclines her on a chair, and we see her underwear with her skirt puffed up. They then proceed to the floor, where the man assists Linda in pulling her blouse over her head in order for her to go topless. She turns around and stands in front of the guy as he unzips her skirt, displaying her white thong. We then see Linda’s shadow as she has sex with the guy, with the curve of her nipple visible as she rides him in his lap.

“After Hours”

Linda Fiorentino is dressed in a see-through black mesh top that exposes her nipples. She sits on the floor, her hands bound behind her back.


Linda Fiorentino is standing in a doorway. She’s removing her bra to show a guy her bare breasts.



Linda Fiorentino is having oral sex with a guy on a bed. She’s briefly resting on her back before stepping over him. He reaches his hands up her black dress and places his head between her legs. We then watch them having sex. Linda is wearing a stocking over her head before pulling it off as the guy had sex with her from behind.


Linda Fiorentino is sitting in a chair, on the phone. She’s completely naked. Her breasts are mirrored in the window.

“The Moderns”

Linda Fiorentino is getting out of the bathtub. She’s showing us her breasts. She jumps on top of a man and begins kissing him.


Linda Fiorentino is seen topless as she reclines in a bathtub. She’s talking to a guy. Then she had the guy climb into the tub and have sex with her from behind.

“The Last Seduction”

Linda Fiorentino is dressed in a see-through black mesh shirt. She argues with a man and then walks him out the door. She then turns around and rests back against the door. We can see her right nipple through her shirt.


Linda Fiorentino is lying on her side in bed, smoking a cigarette. She’s dressed simply in a white shirt that hangs open. We glimpse her naked buttocks and then a portion of her left breast. She rolls over slightly before getting up to get out of bed.


Linda Fiorentino is lying on her back in a sex scene with a man. As she wraps her leg around the guy, we can see her breasts and her left butt cheek.


Linda Fiorentino is naked on her stomach in bed, close to a sleeping man. Her naked buttocks are visible from the side as the camera pans from her feet to her head.


Linda Fiorentino is sitting up in bed, exposing her bare back while wearing only a pair of black underwear. We then watch her emerge from the bedroom in the same outfit. She’s revealing her bare breasts before putting on a white shirt. She unbuttons her top and we view her breasts again as she moves about a room grabbing more of her things while a guy pursues her.


Linda Fiorentino appears in two non-nude sex scenes. First, in an alley behind a pub, clutching on to a chain link fence as a man stands up and holds her in his lap. She is then seen riding the guy in reverse in a parked automobile. The guy’s hands are on her hips as she grinds into him, her head crushed against the ceiling.