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Rosario Dawson Sex Tape LEAK

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Rosario Dawson Nude Leaked Pics

Check out a politician and actress Rosario Dawson nude pics, leaked from her private iCloud! This personal stuff should be hidden somewhere deeper than the insecure iCloud, but we like these uninformed celebs like Dawson! She hid her naked mirror selfies and porn video there, so she became an easy prey for hackers.

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Rosario Dawson Nude and Sex Scenes


Rosario Dawson is initially seen naked on top of a guy in bed in a flashback sex session. Then she stands bare and gives another daring full-frontal glimpse. The man stands behind her, and she guides his hand down between her legs. We then see Rosario strolling around naked in a room. Finally, she’s revealing her right nipple while resting in bed next to the guy, with the sheets partially concealing her breasts.


Rosario Dawson is naked as she walks along a corridor. She’s exhibiting a totally shaved full-frontal view of her breasts and vaginal lips. A male observes her approach. She then steps in front of him, and we get a fuzzy picture of one butt cheek in the foreground, as seen from behind.


In a nude sex scene, Rosario Dawson exposes her butt and her left breast from the side. She’s on a bed with a guy. We then see her resting on her stomach, exposing her butt. When she moves over to lie on top of the guy, she exposes the sides of her breasts. Finally, she’s in bed with him.

“Top Five”

Rosario Dawson is having sex with a guy. She is lying on her back, her knees raised. Then he asks her to insert a finger in his ass, leading him to get more into it and yell out while she lies beneath watching.


Rosario Dawson emerges from a restroom wearing a little sheer black bra. She discovers a naked man on all fours waiting for her. This irritates her, so she grabs a tampon and covers it in hot sauce. Then she shoves it up his ass and watches him hop around on the bed and cry out in pain, all while viewed in a flashback as she tells this story to another guy.


Rosario Dawson making out with a guy. They’re lying on a bed. He starts touching her breasts and groping her through her low-cut black dress. Then he pulls her arms back and pins her down. While she is struggling, he becomes increasingly aggressive.


Rosario Dawson is completely naked. She first wrestles with a man, straddling him and threatening him with a knife. She then has sex with him. In the process, we get a decent peek at her breasts, bush, and a little bit of buns. It has some different footage than the Director’s Cut, which we also show.

“Clerks II”

Rosario Dawson is dancing on a rooftop. She’s dressed in a blue tank top. Her breasts are bouncing delightfully as a guy watches her dance.



Rosario Dawson is spotted taking off her robe in a bathroom. She’s revealing her bare buttocks and the majority of her left breast from behind. She then steps into a bath tub before stopping and tugging her robe closed to turn around.


“Girl Walks Into A Bar”

Rosario Dawson was spotted in a white room wearing a grey bra. A man follows her. During a fantasy dream sequence, he talks to her hand, then is shown slipping her top off before returning to her bra.

“He Got Game”

Rosario Dawson has observed from the side as she mounts a man. Then we see her topless while the guy grips her breasts from another angle. She is having sex with him beneath a pier.

“Puerto Ricans In Paris”

Rosario Dawson is naked. She’s showing off her cleavage as she sits on a sofa close to a guy. She speaks to him while applying cosmetics. She then stands up, her breasts bouncing slightly as she leans down and pulls on a dress.


“Luke Cage”

Rosario Dawson is swaying her body and executing a seductive dance with a guy. Then she has sex with him on a bed while making out and rolling around on top of him and on her back. She’s giving us some really dark peeks of the side of her left breast in the process till they finish and she sticks out her tongue and he starts kissing her again.


“Sin City A Dame to Kill For”

Rosario Dawson is dressed in a revealing black leather bustier-style top. It has a lot of cleavage. She is conversing with a man who is resting in bed.


“Sin City A Dame to Kill For – Special Features”

Rosario Dawson was seen in full color during a very low frame rate video set to music. She emerges from behind many women, wearing a black leather bustier. It accentuates her cleavage. Then she talks to a guy before sprinting forward to help a wounded guy, all while filming behind the scenes in front of a green screen.