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Sofia Boutella Nude Pics, Scenes and LEAKED Sex Tape

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Sofia Boutella is an Algerian-French actress and dancer. She is well recognized for playing the Nike Girl in Nike Women commercial campaigns and for her appearance in the 2014 film Kingsman: The Secret Service. She played the titular monster in the 2017 film The Mummy.

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Sofia Boutella Nude and Sexy Pictures

Here are all of the above-mentioned photos! A collection full of Sofia Boutella nude and sexy pictures is here! All of the photos below have been carefully selected for your eyes only, so be sure not to miss any! We have been collecting them for a while, and thought that now was the perfect time for us to show you all of them! Sofia might be over forty, though her body is still better than most twenty-year-olds! I don’t know how she does it, maybe it has to do something with that Algerian blood! Who knows, and it’s not even important! What’s important is that she is hot as hell, and you are all about to witness it! There ar her naked and sex scenes below this, so keep scrolling, you’ll love her!

Sofia Boutella Naked and Sex Scenes Collection

“Sas Rogue Heroes” (2022)

Sofia Boutella stands next to the bed in the room, unpacking. During this moment, she is conversing with a man sitting at the opposite end of the room. Finally, she approaches him, kneels next to him, and kisses him. Sofia is dressed in a pink nightgown that reveals the contour of her nipples.


Sofia Boutella exposes her bare breasts in a sex scene. She’s on her back, under a guy. Before rejoining Sofia in bed, the guy briefly stops to let a bird out of its cage.

“Modern Love” (2019)

Sofia Boutella exits the bathroom and approaches a man lying on the couch. She’s dressed in a crimson bra and black lace pantyhose. He then falls off the couch, and she rushes over to assist him.


Sofia Boutella kisses the man while sitting on his lap. She is clad in a red bra and black lace panties and is wearing a white shirt, which she removes. She eventually gets up from his lap and goes to the bathroom. When we see her from behind, she lowers her panties slightly, exposing the naked top of her bottom.


Sofia Boutella is dressed in a red bra with black lace pantyhose. She assists the man in getting dressed. He gets up and walks to the bathroom, then to the front door.


“Prisoners Of The Ghostland” (2021)

Sofia Boutella is immobilized in a horse-drawn carriage. She is dressed in a ripped white sleeveless dress that reveals her panties. A man approaches her and attempts to touch her.


“The Mummy” (2017)

Sofia Boutella walks into the room. She removes the garment she was wearing and stands behind the screen, where her silhouette can be seen. The next scene shows her lying on top of a man, with the contour of her breasts visible.


Sofia Boutella enters into a crowded room. We can see the form of her complete physique, especially her breasts, because she is wearing a tight garment.


Sofia Boutella is initially seen kneeling naked. She is portrayed from behind, with her buttocks visible, as a creature approaches from behind her and hands her a knife. We then see her on all fours from the side, her right breast showing. We then get a couple more quick bare buttocks images from later scenarios.


“Climax” (2018)

Sofia Boutella cries and throws herself on the floor of the room. Finally, she sits on the couch and sews her legs first, followed by tucking her hands into her tights. She is dressed in a short dress with black underwear and a deep cleavage.


Sofia Boutella dances in the hall with other girls. She is dressed in a tiny dress that reveals her black underwear as she performs the twists, flips, and spins.

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